Governance for the World's First DAO

 Everything you need to know about the Dash DAO and governance.

January 27, 2023 update: Complete website coming soon! Enjoy some of our initial content in the meantime.

Dash DAO
(Coming Soon)

Detailed resources about the Dash DAO, including its governance model, legal structure, treasury system, and more.

Suggestion Box

Want to communicate with the Trust Protectors? Slip an entry into the community "Suggestion Box."

DAO Escalation Protocol

Ever wonder how conflicts are resolved in a DAO? Click here for a detailed visual diagram of the process we follow in responding to questions or concerns in the Dash community.

Contact Us

Send an email to Trust Protectors.

Trust Documents

(Coming Soon)

All Dash DAO public documents available for viewing.

DTP Projects

(Coming Soon)

Want to know what your elected officials are doing with their time? Soon we'll be sharing a dashboard of the projects that the Dash Trust Protectors are working on, complete with deadlines, assignments, and more.